ShirazBobal / rosadoMacabeo

Variety: 100% Macabeo.

Age of the vineyard: 40-60 years.

Form of cultivation: Cup-Shaped i

Category: Vino de la Tierra de Castilla.

The grapes are picked in boxes at the beginning of September with full respect for the integrity of the fruit.
We get a flower must from light maceration with the skins on and a gentle pressing which is then fermented in stainless steel containers at a controlled temperature, respecting the typicality of the vine.
The result of this is a complex wine with a bouquet of mango and pineapple. In the mouth the stand-out flavours are of fresh fruit with citric notes, all of which makes for a wine that is surprisingly ideal for any consumer.

Cup-shaped vine training: this is the most common kind of pruning and the one that has been traditionally most used.
The trunk grows without any support at a low height, allowing three or four branches to form.
The easiest way to imagine this form is to take your hand and stretch your fingers upwards without them touching.