• NaturalOur concern for the world around us and for people’s health has driven us to opt for ecological and natural wines that are 100% environmentally-friendly and healthy.

  • StatelinessWhat makes us stand out is the strength of our brand, with the distinguishing features of our region. El Señorío (Manor) the word that gives out business its name, is a symbol of our preference for quality.

  • EleganceWe have chosen an up-to-date and stylish image, with the aim of getting across the essence of our winery in all of our wines.

  • Family valuesThe experience passed down from father to son across all the generations in our family is a guarantee of professionalism when creating special wines with their own characters.

  • TraditionOur respect for the old techniques of wine production guarantees a pure product. We have improved this with the latest technology for control, which, together with classical methods, ensures the highest level of quality.

  • Classicwe have adapted wine, widely consumed by our ancestors, to current-day tastes: fruitiness, complexity and pleasing for any palate. Always respecting its essence as a natural drink.

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