For a century, three generations have consolidated their knowledge of the vine and its fruit, passing down from father to son the steps and professional charisma necessary to make good wine.

  • Selecting the best raw materials: grapes from surrounding vineyards, caressed by the ever-present sun and irrigated with waters from the Júcar and Cabriel.
  • The harvest is studied and scheduled so that the grapes are in their optimum state at the exact time of harvesting.
  • Paco

  • Exhaustive quality control in the receipt and processing of the grapes in the winery, as well as must fermentation control, making the most of their properties, resulting in a wine that integrates tradition with renewal.

Management of the winery and its production activities are overseen by the García Pérez family, with a focus on providing a quality product, both healthy and environmentally friendly, with a concern for the future. We strive to improve every day through the inclusion of wisdom gained from the production, processing and marketing processes.


Our family’s greatest desire is to bring our wines to ordinary consumers while also reaching those who don’t know much about the world of wine. We want to convey a unique character, producing a wine with the ultimate expression of our terroir and a pleasant palate, so that as many people as possible can enjoy our products.


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